Week 39: Embracing Change

"The art of living does not consist in preserving and clinging to a particular mood of happiness, but in allowing happiness to change its form...happiness, like a child, must be allowed to grow up."  -Charles L. Morgan

The last month has been a whirlwind of change for me. It all started when  my 19 year old son Jackson moved to Texas.

Us last April in Kansas City

It is so strange not seeing or talking to my boy everyday. Yet I am managing OK and text or Snapchat him daily!

A welcome change has come in the past month...I have said NO to Can't and dropped nearly TWO sizes and feel fantastic about myself!! I am eating more veggies and fruits along with lean proteins and exercising regularly.

a page from my art journal

This month I went from sharing my son's laptop to having my OWN iMAC!!! It is pretty dang exciting!!!

I also rewarded myself with a new cut and color last week!! It's shorter and makes me feel young and free!

But perhaps one of the biggest changes this month is the making of a DREAM come true....

I am taking over an established art studio in my town of Maryville..."The Art Experience"!!

I still can't believe it's happening...yet when I look back on my artistic journey I realize it's what I have been working on for so long!

All the classes I have taken, the classes I have taught, the people I've met, this journey I have been on for nearly 7 years...it has all led to this...my very own place to do what I LOVE...what fills me up and gives me wings!!

I officially take over May 1st and am SO EXCITED to begin making the studio MY OWN!! Lots of re-arranging and things to add over the next few months!! By the end of summer we will be in a totally NEW location with new colors (aqua, yellow and red) and whole new feel!!! But for now I will be patient, take one thing at a time and teach, teach, teach. I just know I will be learning, learning, learning, too...lol.

You can stop by our website and check out all we have to offer and be sure and "Like" my Face Book page, too.

As we continue on our Being Me journey I want you to think about Embracing Change this week. We ALL go through change...sometimes it's all good stuff....other times it's hard and scary and yucky. I want you to talk about YOUR changes in your journals this week. How are you growing? What are you learning? Did you see the changes coming? Are you at the end of the changing process, the middle or the end??

Girls, I am so grateful for each of you and love reading your comments and seeing your work. I hope you have a happy and creative week!!! Be sure and share your journals with us in our FB group Mind.Body.Soul.

And remember...you are NEVER behind!! Stop by here to start your Being Me journey today...it's free!!:)


  1. Wow, Leslie...what a lot of amazing developments and changes! Your hair looks awesome, and your studio space looks pretty amazing too! Can't wait to see what continues to develop!

  2. Oh, Leslie . . . I am beaming over here! SO THRILLED for the Art Experience, and all that you have ahead of you! I can't wait to watch you FLYYYYYY!!! Hugs, my friend!!! (I want to come and play there!!!!)

  3. So excited for you about your new art studio. It really does inspire me... your new hair, your new computer, your new outlook on life... all so awesome. I am going to take a hard look at the changes I need to make and allow... so that I can become the best ME that I can be. I have some road blocks that have popped up... I'm viewing it as a detour to GREATness bc God has a plan. Thx so much for your inspiration. I'm planning on repainting my entry a adobe color and starting an etsy store... Thx for your motivation and example. xo Sandy

  4. Big changes indeed! Congratulations on your new art business! How wonderful! It is hard when our children spread their wings and fly - but they come back often and are better for it. Love your new look!

  5. This is so exciting, Les!!!!!!! I only wish that I were there to see it all and take some art lessons! Wonderful, fabulous news!

  6. Congrats Les! What an exciting time! Hopefully I can pop in next time I am up to see my daughter at NWMSU.

  7. Lots of change....I've got it comin my way too! My baby graduates next month which is a huge change, but she will stay local for college, so I'm thankful for that!!

    I'm so happy for you, for your weight loss, and your art dreams coming true! That is HUGE!! I can't wait to see your studio when it is all yours and done with your style! I've started a corporate fitness challenge for 30 days, so I'm hoping to see some of my own weight loss and inner change! I love the quote at the top of your post...and btw, CHANGE is my OLW for this year, and it's time I got busy with the changin!! Hope you had a fantastic vaca to Ut....I swear one of these times we will meet!! :)

  8. Hi Leslie,

    I couldn't have chosen a better day to stop by and see what you've been up to! Congratulations to EVERYTHING! I can't wait to see what you do with your shop. My heart is beating so fast for you.

    I laughed when you said your hair is shorter.... mine is still shorter than yours and I'm trying to let it grow out! Maybe it'll look a bit like yours in a few more months.

    Again, congratulations and I can't wait to see what lies ahead!!



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