Week 33: What kind of MOOD are YOU In???

Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.
Robert H. Schuller 

Let's face it...we all have our "moods". And more often than not our moods affect most everything we do.

The year before I made the decision to join Curves Complete my moods were terrible...I mean just AWFUL! My poor family never knew when I may "snap" at something they said or didn't say. I had become so overwhelmed with our financial struggles and my weight gain...that nothing was truly  making me happy.

Now that's not to say I didn't have good times and true, honest to goodness happiness...I did.

It just wasn't consistent and more often than not I was depressed, irritable, obnoxious and sad all rolled up into on. Goodness I was a hot mess!

One day late last summer I just decided to take a look at my moods for a few weeks. I was surprised at how down and unhappy I had become on a regular basis. I knew it had to STOP!

I made a sort of mood diary {i would jot a word or two down on my calendar} for a couple of weeks just to see where I was. It was astonishing! I needed to make a change before I became a cranky middle aged woman that nobody liked!

I went back through my art journals and canvas's and realized that the word SIMPLE was everywhere...I mean on every other page!! The word Simple and Longing and Lead a Simple Life were everywhere!

This week I want you to keep a one or two word "mood journal" at the end of the day. I also encourage you to go through art journals and other work to see what WORDS you tend you use in them.

Our moods really do dictate whether or not we are a great success in this life. We only get one so why not make it the very life possible with a joy so real that it makes your heart sing??!!

Go here if you are ready to try 52 Weeks.  {yes, i need to catch up the weeks!! i know...working on that...lol.}

Remember...you are never, ever behind!! You can skip weeks....just do those that speak to you!:) Feel free to print them off, share them, whatever....please leave a link to my blog if you share them on any of your social media:)


  1. Great post, Leslie! I love how self-aware you are. You noticed a problem you wanted to change, analyzed it, and took action. That's awesome! And now you are beginning to reap the benefits, and that is so wonderful for you. Thanks for inspiring others to take action for their own lives!

  2. Great.... I've made a page in my journal to come back to and analyze my kids each day and sum up the day on simple words.... really looking forward to gleaning awareness thru this activity. Fabulous Leslie xo Sandy

  3. I will print this out and learn to be aware of my thinking about each topic.


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