Week 24: Your Personal Abundance

"The creative process gives back tenfold. It is by definition abundant and unending."  -Cathleen Rountree, Artist and Writer

There are some days I wake up with a chip on my shoulder. I whine and complain at just about anything. It seems the more I complain the worse I feel. Sometimes I get myself in such a tither I become paralyzed with fear and sadness. I can take one think {like our lack of money} and turn it into we are losing everything and my life stinks and what did I do to deserve this? When my attitude gets this bad it not only makes me sad but I feel physically sick and drained of all my energy. Who can create with that bad attitude?

In her book "12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women", Gail McMeekin says this...

"When we are in touch with our true Abundance, it permeates the fabric of our lives. It includes passion, both romantic and creative; positive relationships, life experiences you crave and enjoy; personal and professional challenges and growth; and individual moments to savor."  

Did you read that??

Personal and professional challenges and growth.

Hmmmmm....I am guessing that without my struggles and set backs there wouldn't be any growth. Soooo...all of this is good for me??

"Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are."  -Bernice Johnson Reagon, Musician

Honestly I couldn't agree more with Gail and Bernice. I KNOW from experience that when we are at our darkness moment...if we just keep the faith and tell ourselves we CAN get through this we will. I can't tell you how many times a week I wake up whiney then say to myself..."Les, you have sooo much to be grateful for. You have SO MUCH." Then I repeat this phrase to myself..."I live a life of Abundance. I live a life of Abundance." I say it over and over again sometimes. How ever long it takes me to calm down and begin to see what I DO have.

McMeekin goes on to write...

"Creative freedom is the backbone of prosperity. Knowing yourself, believing in your inspirations, and making the touch choices to follow your inner knowing necessitates fortitude. Engaging with your creative self is a joy unto itself. Painting a vision on a canvas has it's own special reward. The question of whether or not it sells is a different issue. The glory of bringing that painting into existence in the first place is what truly matters. Creativity has its own payoff...."

For me that payoff she talks about is MY OWN PERSONAL Abundance. I am filling myself up, making my fears and concerns about my life a thing of the past. I am living in the moment with gratitude for my creative inspirations.

A heart leaf I found on the farm

This week let's think about our OWN Personal Abundance. I want you to write a paragraph about what Abundance looks like in your life. Who/What are your most precious possessions, relationships and experiences? Are you living a life according to what's most valuable to YOU? What needs to change in your life? How are you using your gift of time? What underlying values are reflected in your experiences of living? What sparks your creative power?  {taken from McMeekin's book}

I know there is a bunch to be learned this week!! Get out your journals and create your paragraph. Girls, I think from now on I will post our weekly challenges on Tuesdays. Mondays just creep up on me too fast!!! Also if you are behind...NO WORRIES! Do this at your own pace. Here is the link:) 


  1. You are so on point with this post. Thank you. Grateful for your courage, creativity, and transparency.


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