Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 18: Thinking about the Past....

"Sooner or later we all discover that the important moments in life are not the advertised ones, not the birthdays, the graduations, the weddings, not the great goals achieved. The real milestones are less prepossessing. They come to the door of memory unannounced, stray dogs that amble in, sniff around a bit and simply never leave. Our lives are measured by these." — Susan B. Anthony

I was  born around noon on Wednesday, October 12th, 1966. My parents waited over six years to have me and after I was born decided one was plenty:) My childhood wasn't perfect but yet it was just what I needed to become who I am today. My Mother worked in the kitchen at the High School and my Father was employed by Dupont Paint Company. We lived just a few blocks from the factory in a small home...just two bedrooms, one bath, living room and kitchen. Nothing fancy...yet perfect for us. My neighborhood was AMAZING!! Lots of kids...Jamie and Johnny, Jancy,  Rose and Renee. We would spend hours playing Midnight Ghost and Monopoly, Barbies, Tag and Store. 

I will be 47 this Saturday. 47 years old. 

Somedays I feel this old.
Somedays I don't.

Most times I still feel like that little fat girl I was in school...scared and vulnerable. Try as I might to overcome these is still hard. I was made fun of relentlessly in grade school due to my size. It was no fun, I assure you yet I learned so much from that time in my life.

The courage I have today is due to the struggles I was dealt as a child.  Being made fun of, having an alcoholic Dad and parents who constantly fought isn't exactly the best was to grow up...yet I am grateful for family and the good times we did share.

Yes, it's my Birthday this Saturday and I am so grateful for the life I have lived and the one I am making for myself now. 

I have grown wings and I am flying. I am creating my life based on what  I love...teaching and creating and writing. Exciting things are ahead and I couldn't be more grateful for what's on the horizon!!!

Your assignment this week is to think about how far you have come since your childhood. Are you pursuing what you thought you would? Is there a part of your childhood you need to resolve? What would it take to put that in the past and move forward? Think about those HAPPY times!! List them in your journals...the people that meant the most to you...your activities. 


  1. Hi Leslie,

    Childhood - isn't it interesting. I'm sorry you had your share of grown up issues to deal with. It sounds like your neighborhood friends were fun - interesting how we all play some of the same games no matter where we come from.

    I was lucky enough to have two wonderful parents. I didn't realize how totally blessed I was until I grew up and realized that not everyone has the same experiences.

    Happy early birthday!


  2. Happy, Happy birthday! I LOVE this post - your truth and your optimism are infectious - and you have touched me and many more I'm sure over the years here online ;) I hope 47 is the best for you yet!! xoxo

  3. Can I begin by telling you how proud I am of you? just had to say that from the start. I love how much you are sharing with us - week after week - and opening your heart to receive love back from everyone, too!!I admire you SO, my friend! Happy birthday! Can't wait to see what the next year will bring to you!!HUGS!!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!