Week Seven: Happiness is....

"All times are beautiful for those who maintain joy within them; but there is no happy or favorable time for those with disconsolate or orphaned souls."  -Rosalia Castro

Here it is Week 7. We have come a long ways don't you think??

Week One we started our Routines...whether they are morning or night by now all of us should be in full-swing. I will tell you though...I have to make myself do my routine many times!! These summer late night hours make it hard to wake up!!!

In Week Two we wrote our Mission Statements.

I encourage you to look through your Mission Statements often and tweaking them as you grow and change.

Week Three we made our Absolute Yes List. Do you remember what is in yours?? If not take time this week to review it!! And remember...it is OK to say NO to things that truly don't speak to your heart:)

In Week Four I encouraged you to get more sleep. So far this has been the hardest one for me to follow. I love late night movies in the summer time!!!

Week five I told you to MOVE!! Walk, Dance...do whatever you want...just get out and move your body!! I am still working on moving more. This week I intend on walking at least 6 days.

Week Six was one I desperately needed and have taken seriously...Postitive Self Talk. It is SO IMPORTANT that we fill our head with NICE things about ourselves. Negative talk only breeds self-hatred and squashes our dreams. Start being NICE to YOU!!

Now here we are in Week 7. Are you READY??

"To live happily is an inward power of the Soul."  -Marcus Aureleis

This week is an easy one...at least I think it is. Not a lot of pressure...I just want you to LIGHTEN Up and BE HapPPY!!!

Take this week to RADIATE your Light. Smile, sing your favorite song, do what you LOVE!!!

Make a list this week of EVERYTHING that makes YOU HAPPY! That makes YOU have butterflies in your tummy! Every. Little. Thing. that makes your heart flutter!

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."  -Gandhi

What makes you happy???

Please play along with us!! Catch up here

 Here is MY FAVORITE song from Katrina and the Waves...Enjoy!!!!


  1. Susie - Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a great comment. I just got back from 3 days out of town (a little vacay with my husband) and want to come back to really LOOK AT your blog - I like what I've seen just on this post so can't wait to mosey through other posts.

  2. Ashling thanks for everything trying to fix my life and build strong lastings relationships and create in my much happiness


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