Monday, October 15, 2012

Stand Up!-Week Three

We all have different desires and needs, but if we don't discover what we want from ourselves and what we stand for, we will live passively and unfulfilled.”  -Bill Waters

I had been thinking about our Words Challenge for over a year before I finally decided to just go for it! Once I decided to move forward I needed to figure out exactly what six words I wanted to share with this first challenge...not an easy task. Lots of thought went into the Words...I mean we are not only creating pages and canvas's but we are trying our best to live each word, right? So far our Words have been Courage and Embrace.

This is Week Three...and to be honest....I kept waffling on the Word. At first I knew it what it should be. I mean the word I have chosen has so much power in it...but still...I didn't know. And even though I have put each word in my planner in pen...I still wasn't sure.

But then, as so often does, the universe spoke to me. And boy, oh boy was it the coolest thing EVER!!!

So yesterday I was sitting in church...listening intently to one of our church leaders, President Graves. He always shares his heart and usually everything he says is something I need to hear. So there I am listening and he's talking about the young man that restored our church {I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints} Joseph Smith and how most of his life he was persecuted for his beliefs and how he had to STAND up for what he knew to be true. Then President Graves read a scripture that said if we STAND up for the Lord He will pour His blessings upon us. Each time he spoke the word STAND he got all choked up and could barely get the word out.

Well, needless to say I got major goose bumps and knew that the Lord was literally hitting me over the head with confirmation that our Word for the week...STAND was exactly right on.

I wrote this all down in my journal and just KNOW that I have a ton to learn this week!!! take a position or face or encounter

We all STAND for something, girls...let's take time this week and decide what that is. 

I haven't made my art journal page yet...but I am looking forward to it....lots of ideas running around in my head.

Have an amazing week!! And please continue to share in our FB group...Mind.Body.Soul.


  1. I love this word. Stand. It is not a word I would have chosen and I am so glad you did. I will make a collage in my journal on what I stand for.
    What does your life stand for?
    This will be an exciting week!
    xo, kathy

  2. Hi Leslie,

    STAND -- wow, it is a powerful word. Isn't it interesting how, if we just open ourselves up, we hear what we need!?!

    I need to stand up for myself. In so many different ways. But one that is most difficult is at work. My health issues have led to work restrictions which aren't popular. Although I feel as though I know what is right for me to do, for my health, I'm scared.

    Thanks for making my brain think!!!


  3. How very fun to have your word selection so clearly confirmed! :-)

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I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!