Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Word of the Week/Scrappy Layout

I have spent the past hour and a half reading through a few of my favorite blogs. Just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate your honesty, your ideas and your talents. Aren't we blessed to have the internet??? Be sure and check out my Facebook Fan page for a few of my favorite posts from today. Not a fan yet? Click here.

First of all you just gotta see these...

My sweet, amazing husband brought a dozen of these home to me last Friday!! He is the BEST:) I love him dearly and appreciate how thoughtful he is. Just gotta tell ya', too that Dave is literally melting right in front of me. He has just 15 pounds to go till he reaches his goal weight. So proud of him!!!

It's Tuesday and that can mean one thing here at Words of Me...our WORD for the Week. Instead of my choosing a WORD I want you to focus on your WORD of the Year. It's nearly February so why  not check in with yourself and make sure you are on track with your WORD for 2011. Be sure and ask yourself what you need to be doing to living your WORD.

Don't have a WORD? That's okay. Choose something you want to focus on this week and do that. Maybe you want to cook all your meals at home or get a few scrapbook pages done. You could use the WORD Create or Creative to think about this week to help you reach your goals.

Speaking of scrapbook pages here's one from November....

I rarely use animal prints in any of my layouts but this paper seemed to fit. The photos are of Dave and I at my 5 year class reunion back in 1990.

I use flowers and butterflies in nearly everything I create. They just add so much!!

I couldn't resist those cute pink felt lips from Fancy Pants. Too fun!!:)

Today is Week 3's assignment for my "Soul Restoration" class I am taking with Melody Ross. Looking forward to what she has in store for us this week. Remember if you weren't able to take her class this time she is offering it again in April! 

What is your WORD of the year? Do you need to work on it? How are you doing with your 2011 goals? Please share...I love to know what you're up to!!!


  1. I just finished my January assignment for Ali Edward's One Little Word class this weekend and I am feeling very inspired by my word this year--Clear!

  2. Leslie-I decided to take Melody's class in April...I read up about it and it sounds amazing! My word for the year is blossom. I think I am stepping outside of my boundaries...growing. You two make such a cute pair BTW! So sweet:)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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