Friday, October 30, 2009

Peace is just around the corner

"Order your soul;reduce your wants;live in charity;associate in Christian community;obey the laws;trust in Providence>" -Saint Augstine

This quote sums up what I want in my life. This is what I've been striving for all week. I'm happy to say that by Sunday I should have my WORD...and it's gonna be a good one.

I had something in my life that was weighing me down. I realized this week that not only is it okay for me to say NO, but I can do it with graciousness and love and not feel bad about my decision. So many people have faith in me. It humbles me daily. But, believe it or not I am NOT Wonder Woman. Now, I strive to be. But usually end up failing miserably. And to be honest...I am tired of failing. I'm ready to TAKE FLIGHT!! I'm ready to excel at my weight loss, at my art, at my writing, at being a mom and at being the best Christian woman I can.

I'm ready.

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